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Meditation about releasing unconscious programs

  • Silentpower 121 Altstetterstrasse Zürich, ZH, 8048 Switzerland (map)

We completely relax, and lead you to your Flower of Love where you will meet yourself as a little child. Beautiful, clean, child in love. I always follow and support each of you.

By growing up, we accepted  and enroll many programs that are not ours and  do not serve us for our best. It does not matter that these programs are not recognised by the  mind, they certainly carry our actions and activity in this life. That is why we want to "clean" them.

It is not necessary to evoke old events or to mentally determine which programs are. Our Higher Self knows everything about us..  But if you want, you can specify a specific, accurate program you have been aware.  It's all acceptable and possible to change.

That's what we do. This is helped by the Energy of Unconditional Love, the Divine energy with which we are in direct contact when we place ourself on programmed Flower of Love.

See, experience your new selfs, feel how much cleaner and stronger you are. And with that wonderful, new feeling you go to the rest of your life.

  • Teacher: Illona Eren
  • Cost: CHF 30
  • Anmeldung:

Ilona Eren (1957), master and teacher of Shamballa MDH and 13D, founder and owner of Shamballa Center Croatia. Since she was a little child she was aware of contact with cosmic parents as well as contact with angels. It begins with Reiki, becomes master-teacher, continues learning and collecting knowledge from various alternative / spiritual domains. After meeting with Shamballa, MDH and 13D, which achieves mastery and teacher level, opens the center of the same name in 2005.

Freedom and multidimensional practices bring her the opportunities she successfully passes through individual treatments and courses / workshops, for example work with the Ascended Masters, channeling messages, techniques and ways of helping, either group or individual. Or a journey into parallel realities, from which we draw knowledge, counsel and solutions to the current problems in our life, then work with our personal totems, angels, and fairys. Enter the Akasha records where we have an insight into the book of life in which we can make the reconciliations, accordingly the current progress of our soul. Travel by Dimensions where we can see the true picture of oness with everything through unconditional love for ourself. Work with women involving the goddess who help us from our earthly history. These are women who retained their power, wisdom and sensuality, their knowledge and skills. In contact with them, it is gaining awareness of these qualities. Then work with unconscious programs that we live and do not want to live anymore, for example, a victim, less valuable, problematic sexuality and so on.

Ilona Eren

Ilona Eren

Later Event: September 13
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