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Kundalini Energetic Bodywork- Sessions


Sessions are designed to integrate your masculine and feminine polarities while helping you to fall in love with yourself.

There is no difference between spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. The difference is our intention and what we do with it.

Sessions are fully clothed with hands-on and hands-off energetic touch.

These sessions are not about mental fantasy. The techniques will help you to move away from sex in the mind where thoughts and images are more arousing than sensations in the body. You will learn to spread pleasure throughout your physical body and eventually into your etheric energetic body.


  • Body de-armouring and emotional release
  • Energy healing
  • Building a multi-orgasmic body
  • Masculine and Feminine polarity work™

In a session I work with a variety of techniques from different modalities including: breathwork; trauma release; body de-armouring; chakra balancing, and aura cleansing, to help you wake up and activate your energetic body. Primarily I work with kundalini energy, clearing the pathway in your spine so that more energy can flow. My sessions are not about creating a kundalini rising. I remove fear and old emotional pain from your body so that you can live with an open heart.

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Offener Abend mit Strukturaufstellung
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Seminar "Die Kraft der Kristalle"