In meinen Sitzungen stelle ich einen oder mehrere Kontakte mit Verstorbenen aus der Geistigen Welt für Sie her. Durch meine medialen Fähigkeiten beschreibe ich Ihnen, so detailliert wie möglich, den Charakter, die Lebenssituation, gemeinsame Erinnerungen, etc. die Sie mit dem Verstorbenen verbinden.
Im Laufe der Sitzung übermittle ich Ihnen persönliche Botschaften der Verstorbenen.

Die Verstorbenen sind nur durch einen Schleier von uns getrennt und auch weiterhin mit uns verbunden. Ich arbeite als Vermittler zwischen Ihnen und der Geistigen Welt.

Jenseitskontakte können Ihnen Trost, Klärung und Unterstützung sein auf Ihrem Weg und Ihnen dies in Liebe zu ermöglichen ist mir eine stille Freude.

Gerne nehme ich mir Zeit für Sie.

Kontakt und Anmeldung: Agnes Romhanyi

Agnes Romhányi is a Spiritual Medium fluent in English and German. Although Hungarian born, Agnes spent her childhood in Zurich, she also spent a considerable time in the UK and Germany whilst completing a professional dancing diploma.

Through her love of music and dancing, Agnes became aware of the existence of the spirit world. She further developed her sensitivity through meditation practise, which indeed heightened her sensitivity of spirit.

Agnes developed her abilities of communicating with spirit through professional training with International Mediums Paul Jacobs, Andy Byng and Colin Bates, both in the UK and Germany. She is a member of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) and currently undergoing education at the SNU. Agnes is doing demonstrations of mediumship in Switzerland and in the UK.

During your reading, Agnes will use clairvoyance and clairsentience to describe in detail a loved one or friend who has passed to the spirit world. Evidence of this existence may include personality, descriptions, places they lived, shared memories etc. that connect you with the communicator. The evidence given cannot be determined in advance, only the information that the communicating spirit provides can be passed on, this may include a message as this is often the case.

Our loved ones are very much close to us and still connect to us here on earth. The medium is a mere channel to link the two worlds of consciousness. Evidence of survival of the spirit is primarily to provide support to us on our journey here on earth, as well as to help with bereavement, to prove a greater understanding of how spirit works, and to provide comfort and clarification of the continued existence of life.

Working with spirit has brought Agnes true happiness and heartfelt joy, through the ability to re-unite us with our loved ones in spirit. Agnes has many years of experience of communicating with spirit, providing evidence of existence, and passing messages of love and guidance. Sharing the truth and understanding of spirit is a great pleasure for Agnes and has also brought true meaning to many people’s lives.