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At twenty-one, I moved to Scotland and lived in a spiritual education centre as a staff member running workshops, teaching, and facilitating.

There, I discovered Barbara Brennan healing, a relatively scientific approach to the human energy field. After numerous one-to-one sessions and learning the basics of clearing aura’s and charging chakra’s, my perception of the world started to change.

After six years I left the Findhorn Foundation and traveled Asia studying yoga and massage. Since then I have studied formally and informally a range of spiritual and healing disciplines with qualifications in Massage, energy healing, and body de-armouring.

My main influence and practice is Taoism, although I apply an intuitive shamanic approach when working. The Taoist paths seems the most accepting of it what means to be human as we learn to evolve our consciousness and harness Chi to heal the body and shape the world around us. I believe that healing trauma on its own is not enough and any form of healing needs to be holistic, with a real grounding in self-love and self-compassion.

I have used the knowledge and various practices that I have been trained in to develop my own unique technique to whole body healing.






Elliott Saxby, Body De-armouring & Energetic Bodywork 


Body de-armouring and emotional detox

In a session I work with a variety of techniques from different modalities including: breath work; trauma release; emotional release; body de-armouring; various schools of energy work and pressure points for different energy systems; masculine and feminine polarity work, and other tools to help you release physical and emotional pain. 

Building a multi-orgasmic body

In the first few sessions, more pain and trauma is released, and you will learn the basics of breath work and other techniques. In later sessions, I will teach you how to develop your own energetic body so that every cell can vibrate. This creates new information in the body and allows the experience of self-love and happiness in on the cellular level. Which in turn brings more energy, health, clarity and, success into your life.


  • Sessions are designed to integrate your masculine and feminine polarities while helping you develop self-love, self-acceptance, forgiveness and compassion.

  • Release trauma and emotions that hold you back in life.

  • There is no difference between spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. The difference is our intention and what we do with it.

  • Sessions are with hands-on and hands-off energetic touch.

  • The multi-orgasmic sessions are not about mental fantasy or reaching orgasm. They create a deeper more loving relationship with yourself and teach you how to cultivate your own inner Chi. The techniques help you to move away from sex in the mind where thoughts and images are more arousing than sensations in the body. You will release any shame and guilt that you may have towards your sexuality, and learn to spread pleasure throughout your physical body and eventually into your etheric energetic body. You can watch videos of the process on my blog.

I see no difference between spiritual energy, sexual energy, and healing energy. For real healing and other breakthroughs we need to be comfortable with, and harness our sexual energy. This work is best achieved with a gender polarity, be it physical or identified. A base of the work is recognising that we all have an inner masculine and an inner feminine.


Testimonials can be read at www.elliottsaxby.com