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Sanja Burazerovic, Shamanic healer & practitioner

I always felt there are parts of our reality which are far more tangible than we can perceive through the five senses. I happened to learn how this can be accessed through different types of meditations. This intrigued me to dive deeper into my own journey. After exploring many different traditions: Christian, Islam, Buddhism and many different yogic paths; I found myself being attracted to the Bhakti yoga practice. It is here where I met my spiritual teacher. He introduced and guided me into mantra meditation. Finally the searching was over, I found home!

After several years of intense practice, I found myself coming before the wall of fear that I simply could not break through. The wall consisted of my shadows, ancestral background and the strong need to ground myself.

By the will of providence, I came across the shamanic practice and healing work. This made a deep impression in my life. I have received valuable tools to face my fears, deep shadows and habitual patterns. This experience helped me appreciate and learned how to ground and centre myself. This was a stepping stone to start a deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

This further helped me to go deeper into my spiritual path of Bhakti yoga. It was a missing link and after combining these two paths in my life, I felt how I finally have found the depth, balance and the clear way to walk in grace.

‘We are the stars wrapped in skin – The light you are seeking has always been within!’