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Sanja Burazerovic, Munay-ki, Inner Child & Feminine Healing

There is no way to love. Love is the way.

Most of my life I have been thought to focus on complex matters. The more complex, the more attention to give. More difficult, more energy to invest. What I am re-learning in my 'adult life' is that the most valuable and most amazing things are so simple that we often miss them.

My healing sessions and seminars are focused on paying attention to the Its Majesty - Presence. It is so simple that we often miss it. Truth and happiness are: in the sound of the wind, in the taste of water and in the smell of the Earth. We are happy only when we are 100% who we are.

I am trying to inspire you and assist you to go on the journey within and to re-discover how absolutely amazing you are. And how the world needs this unique gift that only you can give. All other places are taken. The only one left for you to master is how to be yourself. 

And you know what, you are already doing quite an amazing work! ;) Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Seminars in SP 2018:

Munay-ki - Connecting with the Sacred Blessings of our Ancestors

*date to be announced soon. In the autumn*

Cut the Bond of the Past Lovers and Heal the Feminine Within


More about me:

‘‘If the light is in your heart, you will find your way home.’ 

With love,